WPKG-GP in domain environment

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This article will outline how to deploy the WPKG-GP in a domain environment.


You need:
  WPKG 1.2 (not the client, wpkg-gp is replacement for that)
  WPKG-GP 0.15
  wpkg-gp.adm (you must configure at least one GPO setting or a Local Group Policy for it
  to function. In version 0.13 your able to configure some in GPO and som in INI if you want)
 Install WPKG-GP 0.15 on a machine

 Use MakeMSI x86 Wpkg-GP_x86.exe Wpkg-GP.ini Wpkg-GP_x86.msi
 to create a MSI packet to deploye with AD GPO

 Use  /Features Client | Adm | MSITool switch to only install the specific part you want.

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