VMware Tools 64-bit requires WOW64 on Windows Server 2008 R2

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April 2011: problem still exists... VMware?!?...

Trying to install VMware Tools 64 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Core Edition without the "ServerCore-WOW64"
will fail with message that the Windows Installer is not correctly installed due to some
issue that the VMware tools 64 setup needs 32-bit environment.

Sometime in 2010; Have been in contact with VMware about this issue and they say this in an email (stripped the earlier conversation in favour of the last answer only):

Thanks Johnny,
That's all very good information about how you are using Tools in your environment. I'll
talk to engineering to fix this problem of requiring a 32 bit binary to start off the
installation (which is then a native 64 bit process after it is started by the little
helper executable) in a future release which we can determine based on the scope of the work.

Thanks again for your feedback.
-Jagannath Krishnan
Senior Product Manager
VMware Inc.

Well it does not exactly say that they will do it and when, but at least the issue is raised from one more of their end users.

This issue exists on all W2k8R2 editions, but the example is from a Core edition.

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