Mac OS X: Provide a (swedish) Windows experience with keyboard on Mac OS X

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Use Ukelele

Download Ukulele.

Ukulele is a keyboard layout editor, but for our purposes we do not need
to edit anything, just grab the .keylayout file for your locale from the
Logitech Keyboard Layouts directory of the Ukele disk image and copy it
to: ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts

Goto System Preferences, Keyboard, Input Sources, Tick the + and from
the menu either click the Language or the Other menu option. Select the
new Keyboard Layout and click Add.
Again in the Input Sources. Select the new new Keyboard (you can also
remove the other Keyboard Layout if not needed any more). Close. 

Rejoice – character frustrations are now a thing of the past!

Need to adjust a little bit to the layout of some of the characters.

This is a rip-off from
just so it won't disappear from the net.

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