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this has VBScript counterpart with 28 files, containing 79 functions, and 8258 lines of code.
Directory                                   Name
---------                                   ----
SystemAccounts                              SystemAccounts.ps1
SystemAccounts\Help                         help_01.ps1
SystemAccounts\Help                         Help_02.ps1
SystemAccounts\Libraries                    Get-Date.ps1
SystemAccounts\Libraries                    Get-FileName.ps1
SystemAccounts\Libraries                    Send-Email.ps1 (PSH v2 contains this function)
SystemAccounts\Systems\ActiveDirectory      Search-ADGroup.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeCountry.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeDepartment.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeDName.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeEmail.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeFName.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeOrganisation.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeRetired.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeRoles.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeSite.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeSName.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeTaskmasters.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeTeleSkills.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\CDB                  Get-EmployeeTitle.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\Exchange             Create-EXUser.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\Exchange             Remove-EXUser.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\Exchange             Update-EXUser.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\Exchange             Get-DisconnectedMailbox.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\Exchange             Remove-DisconnectedMailbox.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\Exchange             Add-AutomaticDistributionGroupMember.ps1
SystemAccounts\Systems\Exchange             Remove-AutomaticDistributionGroupMember.ps1
CDB = Company Database -- this system contains alot of employee and company information
but it's not a HR systems as HR system make that work better. But CDB is the MASTER
of all Employe and Company information that will / must reside in more than one system
and be useable for most of the employees as it has it's own GUI interface and security
system based on the internally designed Resource, Hiearchy and Role based system.

No employee can be employeed without being fully entered into CDB, CDB is the MASTER and
the first electronical system their information resides in (except EIP the initial
informationa retrieval process for the (E)mployee (I)nformation (P)rocess).

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