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Ok, so I got an iPhone after using the Android since 2009 Q4 starting with the HTC Magic going to the HTC Desire and then the HTC Desire (as second-hands phones I've used the Sony Ericsson X10 mini and Huawei U5810). These are my personal 'WTF' and any other minor obstacle about the iPhone, NOTE the PERSONAL... - disclaimer - I've never looked by to an Android device after switching... going strong with iPhone 6 nowadays
found 2012-02-08
- When to plug-in SIM card the 'SIM-tool' is not by default provided... WTF!!
- - SOLUTION: actually check the whole package, it's there

- When using App Store and chooses an app to install it exits the app
  and when you go back you need to start from the beginning again, lets
  say your at 147 in the Top 25 list... WTF!!

- When using App Store and an app is more than 20MB in download size, you
  can't download over 3G you must use Wi-Fi... WTF!!

- When adding Mail for Gmail with the predefined Gmail account type
  it won't synch your contacts also... WTF!!
- - SOLUTION: use the pre-defined Exchange account type instead here:
- - SOLUTION: iOS 7 it's there by default

- You can't download a mp3 direct from the web on the phone... WTF!!

- You can't change the color of a specific calendar profile... WTF!!

- When writing and you need to correct a letter you cant use a navigator or
  navigator keypads or point your finger after the letter you want to change
  you can only choose end of a "whole" word

- The "task bar" or power widget in Android is quite handy to turn on of
  Bluetooth / Wi-Fi...

found 2012-02-10
- When "writing" the name of the person to call on the key pads, it wont suggest
  a contact... WTF!!
- - SOLUTION: swipe left, and write the name of the your contact instead to call
              but it's two-step scenario here. 

- The calendar doesn't provide week numbers... WTF!

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