Microsoft Essentials Security Error code 0x8004FF07

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The Microsoft Antimalware service stops after a few minutes starting time or when trying to upgrade or install Microsoft Essential Security and this article (Cannot install and/or upgrade Microsoft Essential Security) did not solve the problem?

Error code: 0x8004FF07

01. Follow article: Cannot install and/or upgrade Microsoft Essential Security
02. Run the "mssefullinstall-amd64fre-en-us-vista-win7.exe", NOTE: name various
    between language, os and editions
03. When you see the microsoft essentials security window with the error,
    don't click it:
    a) goto C:\
    b) find a new folder with some random characters
    c) copy these files (microsoft essentials, like msse.msi, setup.exe and
       so on) to a new folder, any name is sufficient
04. Close the microsoft essenstials security windows with the error from earlier
05. Goto the new folder
06. Click on setup.exe, validate windows, and follow the setup wizard
07. Restart the computer when asked for
08. You should now have a working copy of MES again.

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