HP ProCurve - Update firmware via SFTP or SCP

Author Johnny Josefsson on March 20, 2013 | Print | Bookmark
If yo only allow secure access to the switch you wont be able
to use the TFTP to transfer your new firmware image to the switch.

Instead use either from a Linux machine: scp
  scp /path/to/image user@switch.domain.top:/os/primary

or from a Windows machine pscp
  pscp /path/to/image user@switch.domain.top:/os/primary

Changed primary to secondary if thats preferred

The switch will then verify the image. When that is done the do:

  boot system flash primary

to boot the switch with the new firmware version from primary

NOTE TO USE WinSCP you must do this or it will fail:
disable WinSCP’s resume transfer feature. this disables the
creation of .filepart files

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